Friday, May 13, 2011

Ch. 24 : Challenges

Niles’ bedroom is very girly. Which is surprising because that room has never belonged to any girls. Emily and Sonya slept in the room next door while growing up.

Sometimes his father’s drive for a perfect child gets on Niles’ nerves... but with all the “educational” toys his mom buys him, he’s at least cool with playing with his blocks.

But Niles isn’t the only busy body in the family. In the background, Rhonda helps David master his logic skill for that next promotion. In the foreground, Emily take a minute to steal some more money for her daily massage.

Rhonda heads to take a nap so Emily takes over.
“How go the temptation issues?”

“Non existent. Rhonda bought a new exercise machine to help her build muscle. Remember how she punched through the wall last week while trying to bake Niles a cake?”

Rhonda finally makes her first perfect meal! Apple pancakes.

“Wow. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but that was delicious!”
“You should become a culinary instructor or something!”

Emily was trying to be nice, but it just drives home the fact that David is the only one bringing in a steady income. Even Emily has dropped her hacking down to a few times a week instead of every night, all night.
Now that Niles is old enough to watch himself, Rhonda decides to get a part time job at the graveyard across the street. It was built as an over-flow graveyard, incase the old one gets swamped, and so far has only two graves, but the owners still agree to hire her.

Trax is getting serious about his inventing hobby so Emily supports him by moving some of his less-likely-to-explode-in-the-night gadgets to the bedroom for display.


He just borrowed it to take Rhonda out for an early dinner at the bistro. However, once they’re there they learn about an eating contest...
“I dunno David... it sounds kind of hard.”
“Then you can step aside and let a MAN handle this.”

“... Oh thats it. I’m goanna OWN your ass little boy.”
“I’m older than you!”
“I’m hungrier than you!”

  David wins.

“Sweetheart, I love you, please don’t murder me.”

“Aaaw... fine. But only because I’m too full to move, alright?”
“Whatever saves my bacon, sweetheart, have I mentioned that your eyes are beautiful in the moonlight?”
“... You can stop now.”

Oh and the Sunset Valley Community Cemetery has its first ghost, Amanda Sapphire, David’s paternal grandmother.

“... Why am I behind bars?”
Ugh my game’s been glitching so bad this week. It’s not letting Grim appear when sims die. And if Grim doesn’t appear... how will they ever get a gravestone/urn?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ch. 23 : Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Because of her insomnia, Rhonda’s a night owl. While the rest of the family sleeps, she practices whatever skill she can until the morning sun begins to rise.

And being married to a celebrity has its perks. 
“You’re going to PAY me to dance and have fun? Okay!”

The bouncer knows Rhonda married into that horrible Vasquez family. She’ll be watching Rhonda like a hawk until she leaves. Who knows what that family will do next?

Alicia catches up on some beauty sleep. Grim keeps her up all day sometimes organizing the finances of the underworld.

Rhonda tries to make Niles a birthday cake.

By the time she’s on her fourth attempt the others convince her to just buy a cake before they all starve to death. Reluctantly she agrees.

Oh my gosh Niles, what’s wrong with your eyes?

David is such a sexy Gene Therapist, eh?

Emily is horrified to learn that Rhonda behaved herself at “The Garage”. She decides to head over there and remind everyone how odd her family really is. They have an image to keep up, after all.

After a long, uncomfortable talk with Emily, Rhonda decides to take pride in the family name by going outside in her underwear as often as she can.

Five members of the Vasquez extended family in one photo. 
(Left to right: Abdul Landgraab-Vasquez, Curt Landgraab-Vasquez, Joshua McMahon-Vasquez, Orlando McMahon and Rhonda.)

Seriously Curt, just give me ONE smile for the camera, okay?

There’s a good boy.

Orlando tells Rhonda that he’s working in the theatre. His dad keeps calling him “Billie Elliot”, whatever that means. 

When Traxius gets home from the scrapyard one evening, he realizes Emily is looking a little different.

“I’m 88 now, Trax. I’ve got more wrinkles then skin and I just feel so ugly. You must find me hideous now.”
“On the contrary, my dear, I find you all the more beautiful.”

“Oh Traxius~.”

“Mmm~ <3”

Niles just ignores them. He’s so used to it. Plus he has to have his homework done before his dad gets home or he’ll have to deal with another lecture.

Goddangit, Curt’s frowning again.

And so is Kami...

If they weren’t cousins they’d be perfect for each other.

“I am doing no such thing!”

“Moooom. How do you avoid temptation now that you’re married again?”

“I just grab Traxius and pull him into bed with me. Our chemistry is amazing!”

 “... Did not need that mental image mom. Thanks.”
“Next time you feel temptation just think of us screwing. It’ll get rid of those urges right away.”
“Hunh. Thats actually kind of smart. Thanks!”
“And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just tell Rhonda that you cheated and she’ll beat you up.”
“... You can stop helping now mom.”


For some reason my legacy has been riddled with glitches and the like. One of them being Rhonda's sleep bar. Its stuck at right before being "full". I make her take two naps (or more) a day so she doesn't gain so much extra time for skill building. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ch. 22 : Day in the Life


“Whaaaaat? I’m not doing anything...”

Rhonda’s become a welcome addition to the family, but she still doesn’t feel like she’s really part of it. 
“Um... so I’ve noticed you guys have a garden...”
“It belonged to Alicia.” Emily mutters. “She tried to grow it for my first husband, Henry, so he would have fresh produce to use in our meals.”

An awkward pause, before Traxius steps in. “You have a green thumb, don’t you Rhonda? Why don’t you take it over?”
“I loooooove my in laws~!”

With David’s job demanding over half his day at work alone, leaving only a few spare hours in between researching and sleeping, Rhonda and David take advantage of every free moment whenever they can.

Without a job, and suffering from severe insomnia at night,Rhonda has plenty of time to dedicate to her growing bundle of joy.

David’s officially a doctor now!

“No son of mine is going to be a lazy little B average student. Come on, kiddo, lets go see if my old baby books are still current.”

But just in case you forgot that David was evil...
“You fail at going potty, kid, your candy is MINE until you learn. Wahaha!”

“Mmmm candy.”

Y u so mad, Curt?

Alicia and Emily share some mother-daughter talk time. Alicia can’t wait to show her daughter all the amazing things on the other side. Emily just wants to know if she can keep her expensive wardrobe.

Oh and the car. Don’t forget the car.

Trax loves to babysit in the evenings. And not just because he can steal candy.

Rhonda ignores the occasional crying coming from the nursery. She’s found a new hobby.
“Shoot! Slipped! No one saw that, right?”

Susan Wainwright calls David up one night to determine the gender of her baby. No sooner has David learned its a boy than she goes into labour and David has to drive her to the hospital.

David thinks this is lots of fun. Susan does not.

On the way home David wonders why Jared Frio is sitting in the back with the baby. Wasn’t he just in the hospital the day before with his girlfriend Monika? What a casanova. David’s just glad Jared was closer to Henry than Emily.

When no one is looking, Niles likes to throw his baby books on the floor and play with the toy whale grandpa made him.


Susan has like four kids now. And yes, Jared had two kids born by two different women within two days. I found it hilarious. They're both boys though, so its not such a big deal. Might have been fun if at least one was a girl. It's kinda hard to find a potential mate for my heir this generation. I might have to make him date someone much older or much younger. (I feel bad about moving people in for Emily's generation).

I keep looking at Emily's age bar go up and it kills me just a bit each time it gets closer to the end. I never imagined I could get so attached to these characters. 

Oh and Rhonda rolled part-time career, not gardener so she isn't selling the produce. I just don't want the garden to be dead by the time Niles gets it.